HAHA. Classmates were trying to change my wallpaper or something on my laptop. They didnt even boot to the damn system. LOL. First they didnt know how to launch from GRUB. Ater they figured that out they were hit by SSD + HDD encryption. No fucking way they are gonna guess 28 character long decryption key which was randomly generated by my own program.
Revenge you say ?
Well done already.
The guy who had the idea had a notebook too. Well i just turned on the PC and hey look at that. Offline account with no password.Well i changed his wallpaper to just simple text. "USE PASSWORDS"
Oh yes this was all in the limits of fun. Nobody wanted to do some crazy shit that could break our systems. We were just having fun. But hey i guess i won.
Oh and yes as the second part of the revenge i was sending deauth packets to his PC all the time with help of Rpi zero in my desk. Damn was he pissed when i told him at th end of school that it was me.

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    Lol. Love doing that deauth thing at school hahaha especially to those who play LAN mobile games. Memories...

    I myself don't know how to protect myself from it tho 🤔🤔🤔 I searched about it before and I think there's nothing you can do about it because it's part of the standard to not deny it?
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    Damn it makes me feel old when people start a sentence with "classmates"!
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    @captainskippah There is. Block all incoming traffic. Not sure it will work but i will try it today.
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    Haxk20 did it worked?
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    @captainskippah Didnt try actually. no time for it right now. but you are more then welcome to try it on your own.
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    @Haxk20 that won't work. Deauth packets are sent to the router which then drops the WiFi connection and requires your laptop to do a new handshake. This attack can be prevented by 802.11w which are protected management frames. They are authenticated and cannot be forged by a 3rd party Yet you're still vulnerable against a frequency jammer. If this happens, use a cable.
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