FACT: We keep most of our small business clients email signatures stored on our local server.

About 2 weeks ago one client called up after i had left for the day. There email signature's were acting funny and sending out an embedded image as text. The only coworker who was in the shop called me at home to ask how he could fix it. I(Having wrote the signature) told him(he has no html knowledge) he would have to pull it out of the email client and find the part that's looks messed up(Knowing he had would have no clue) and fix it, i then hung up. Patiently waited 5 minutes and called him back, this time talking to him he seemed really upset/frustrated so i just told him "By the way there's a copy of it at \\Network\Path" just copy and paste it into the box

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    This is just mean
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    Yeah i forgot to mention we have been good friends for years before this job. It just seemed to fit the weekly rant better that way
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    Its not even tagged for the weekly rant..
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