I found another cookie overloaded website.
Update: It is now 305 cookies

And yet again, I turned all settings for that off, so only one cookie should be needed to store that decision.

Have anyone else noticed how all websites require you to become a part of them as soon as you go there nowadays? Does anyone know why?

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    free cookies!!! 🍪🍪🍪
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    They know that you haven't eaten today and want to feed you 🤣
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    Because advertisers aren't fine with advertising, they want to spy on the users (and whine when Adblock).

    And because many webdesigners are incompetent idiots who are too stupid to put static resources on cookie-free (sub)domains.
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    it blocks so much shit, but it needs some initial tuning
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    If you can't monetize based on ads, paywalls, or subscriptions, you monetize your visitors.
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