Situation: I'm a junior, working at company X since about the start of this year. We have a mixed team of native Android and native iOS developers. The architectural design decision was to build a separate iOS and a separate Android app.

Recently, during a problem solve session with other teams, other developers were complaining: why not use React Native, why not use Xamarin, why not use PhoneGap.

I'm so sick of this shit, if you have your users in mind, if you care about UX and UI and if you care about building an actually good app, GO NATIVE.

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    In the real world though Good UX and UI aren't the only (or even primary) factors that influences these decisions.
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    Maybe your company wants to find ways to save money. Using Flutter/React/other cross platform frameworks would half the required team for your company
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    "Listen, if you would like to complain about decisions that have already been settled, there's a meeting for that going on in another room, please feel free to leave and go to that one. I'm not sure what room that's in, because I don't care about relitigating decisions that have already been made. If you are going to stay, this meeting is focused on issues x, y, and z. Anyone unsure of the meaning of what I have just said also needs to leave this meeting."
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    @Ximidar The company is not trying to save money, that's not the issue, a shortage of developers is.
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    @mrmr If you build software for users, virtually anyone could be our customer, then yes: it's a primary reason.
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