I Caesar ciphered some love messages to my friend, and... she wasn’t one of the dumb ones.

I tried to disguise it as spam that was trying to get her attention, but she was smart enough to figure out that it were ciphers.

She’s a keeper.

  • 13
    That's so cool, are you dating?
  • 17
    @JKyll not yet. We’ve decided to give each other some time first, since my feelings are stronger than hers.
  • 15
    @ribchinski uh, hope it doesn't get weird, best of luck tho
  • 5
    That's awesome I love ciphers. When I leave for a conference or whatever I always write random cute words and sentences in some form of cipher so my gf has something to play and struggle with while I'm away XD
  • 3
    @Endargon no any other girl I had met has ever been able to figure out any Caesar Ciphers, morse code messages and the such. This is the first one to ever even think of deciphering my gibberish, so... I can't pass her.
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