My company has about 6 devs divided into 2 teams, 3 mobile devs and 3 web devs. One day, a guy suggest us adopting daily stand-ups to know what everyone's working on. I guess our subscription for Jira is now useless.

Personally, as a bad employee, I usually come in 5-10 minutes after everyone, so I missed most of the stand-ups. It's boring, it's just people stand in circle and say what they did yesterday.

I ended up created a slack bot to post a message at a previous defined time to say what I did yesterday to the team. Jira | Trello | Pivotal Tracker are born for a reason guys...

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    I used to think the same thing, but it’s also a good time to highlight any blockers and unsuspecting issues that someone else on the team could assist with.
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    @C0D4 this, can't replace live "hey if you do that you'll fuck up what I'm working on"
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    I think it's not a bad thing for bigger teams. For us, we all sit in the same corner back to back so even though we have stand-ups, people just turn around and ask anyways
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    There's also merit in standing up and taking some time off the computer. It's basically taking a step back and trying to see the big picture as a team. Saying that you don't need to is like saying you yourself are aware of the big picture and that you're enough compared to a whole team looking at a big picture. Yes, possibly, Einstein.
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    @incompetentDev good point, some other devs on the team don't like these stand-ups either because they have to keeps saying the same thing like "fixed some bugs yesterday, will continue to fix some more bugs today..." but no one brought this up before
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    @incompetentDev if the team is less than 6 people which are all in the same room, then they are already know everything basically
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    Adopting stand ups won't help you. If you want to do XP - where stand ups originate from - properly implement and practice XP. If you want to do a daily scrum - also often called stand up but that is not correct - properly implement and practice scrum. You either do it and do it properly, or you don't. There's no way in between that will work.

    One thing I don't understand. You say you come in late often and you miss most of the stand-up. As a professional, why would you disrespect you fellow dev's valuable time by being late frequently?? It's not a one hour daily useless meeting. If you do it properly, you and the rest of your team will get some benefits doing a daily.

    Tips for a proper daily: don't say what you did yesterday/what you'll do today. Go over the Jira board, actively discuss status of stories in progress. Make a plan for the day to see how you can finish open stories.

    A daily is not meant as a status update but to align with rest of team making a plan for the day.
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