Good advice for Linux users

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    Best advice for people getting into Linux is to not ask for advice at all :^)
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    I think the greatest challenges for GNU/Linux are software support and the geek look of using linux. But in my experience, most communities are quite friendly
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    Or just use Windows. It's better anyways 🤷🏻‍♂️
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    Polarizing opinions all over the place. We're seeing it here in the US as the embodiment of our political system and I hate it.
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    @-vim- That's my goal.

    They're too serious. Anytime I see some shit like "ew windows" or "ew Google," I'm going to flip the table and be like "ew Linux."

    The hardcore fanboys fail to acknowledge their prescious wittle OS isn't perfection.
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    @Stuxnet neither is windows tho
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    @ScribeOfGoD But most windows users in the tech world don't have our head up our asses and acknowledge that.

    Many Linux users can't say the same 🤷🏻‍♂️
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    But I use arch
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    @Stuxnet because most windows users are non technical users.

    The Linux community is like that because most Linux users are techies, just as if you had studied mechanical engineering all you mechanic buddies will jump in and bombard you with opinions about your new car purchase.
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    @JKyll there's a reason I specified "windows users in the tech world"

    And that still doesn't warrant being mental superior assholes, which is a vibe most of them put off.

    But hey. You've got your opinion, and it sucks. I've got my opinion, and it sucks. Let's just have our shitty opinions and move on. I'm not trying to debate opinions.
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    @Stuxnet I love to use linux, but it is far away from perfection.
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    That is such useful advise..... but only if you are not using Arch.
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    I'm just happy if someone switches to Linux! The distro is not that important the only thing I care about with new Linux users is that they don't get a bad first time experience.
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    @JKyll That's Apple users for sure. Can't say that about windows users, but with people buying apple, you can almost guarantee that.
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    I wanted to try Linux, but I didn't have enough time to research which of the millions of distros to use, so I gave up and learnt a new language instead.
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    most important component is time. at work i use windows cause its a windows environment, at home i use windows cause i need it for most of gaming.

    since a few years i have a raspberry pi, i barely made the first iteration run some storage stuff (it was probably hyper insecure), i later delved into nginx and with the new RaPi3b+ i actually got a nextcloud thingy running. I feel quite confident by now. The other day i decided i maybe need a local webserver for internal company stuff (fairly small company), apparently i can install linux in hyper-v..so far so good, upon researching i tried some distros, CentOS was supposed to be good for my use case..in the end i decided Ubuntu will do cause i am more familiar with it...

    time is a very valuable ressource, and will the raspberry is somewhat monolithic (the other day i tried to get arch running on it, no dice) the time consumption of getting anything to work is huge. especially if you dont understand what exactly you are doing...
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    @cjbatz just pick one that’s is not for hardcore users (so no arch or gentoo) and then make VMs and try other distros, and other desktop environments, and configuring those desktop environments, and learning terminal/shell 101 (I recommend using zsh), etc.

    Recommend distros: Ubuntu, Fedora, Mint (probably the most user friendly one), Elementary OS, and maybe Manjaro (but not as first distro)

    Just pick one randomly, and you can change after
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    @BurnoutDV Setting up a server LIKE YOU WANT, is probably going to be a lot faster on CentOS or Ubuntu than a 500$ windows server if you want have a little bit of experience. Will also be more secure.
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    @-vim- i wouldnt bother with windows server, i am a mechanical engineer first, "sys admin" second and small time "programmer" third.

    i am an engineer, i solve problems..i hope. for the heavy lifting there is the external IT contractor. Those guys installed the initial hyper-v stack, will just add to that. i tried some more distros in vms, and while i have time budget for learning stuff, i fear more complicated distros would kill me. Setting up webservers should be something i CAN do..i hope
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    U dont debate about linux distros. Most ppl just keep quiet until ubuntu breaks itself and then everyone is yelling 'use arch' or 'generally use rolling release-distros' and thats how I just came into touch with antergos :o

    Btw Windows sucks
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    @cjbatz ohh, the irony ^^
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    @Stuxnet Everybody’s got opinions. Some are just worth more than others. Opinions of knowledgeable people for example will tell you Windows is truly a terrible operating system. Who cares that Linux isn’t “perfect”, at least it has a sane design. Windows is so far away from perfect it’s a joke to even compare the two. But go on pretending you know wtf you’re talking about and we’ll continue to smile and nod.

    In the end it’s up to you whose opinions you value, but you’ve clearly demonstrated to me that your opinion is worth shit.
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    @Stuxnet I don't mean to be a dick, but there are two things that trigger me:

    1. People defending Java
    2. People defending Windows

    These are two unforgivable atrocities committed by people in our field, and I feel it is our responsibility as developers to acknowledge these crimes against humanity for what they are.
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    @devios1 And Linux fanboys trigger me with their bullshit mental superiority attitude.

    Feeling's mutual pal.
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    @Stuxnet @devios1 I think everything can be avoided with some education.

    If I say "I don't like to use Windows/Linux", you will accept, because this is my preference.

    If I say "Windows/Linux is a big piece of shit", someone will feel ofended and will atack back, generating these behaviors.

    Exactly the same thing happens when you complain about some issue of your software and someone answer that you should use another one.

    Actually, this attitude to replace just because of some issues is like "Oh, this guy had two issues with his code, lets fire him and contract another one".

    Of course there is a limit, when something / someone is bad enought and there are plenty of better alternatives. But still on these cases, you have good or bad ways to talk about it. Just to be polite.
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    @brunofontes My initial comment was satirical to begin with, just to show the "head up their ass" linux fanboys how stupid and childish they look.

    I don't actually give a shit what people use. But when you start to be "in my face" with your preference and acting like your choice of equally shitty software is better than mine, then I'm going to get an attitude.
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    @Stuxnet yes, I understood your comment and I laught out loud here. :)

    And I know exactly what you are complaining about. It sucks people who feel that everything he uses is the best.

    "Best" is the most relative word ever. Best is what you found that worked better for a very particular case, that it's your case. My truth might never be your truth, even when they are very similar. So my best tool may or nay not be the best tool for you.

    My only request is try to keep an open head. Try another stuff for a while. See how things work after learn it. Just that. If you like it: profit. If you really don't like it, at least you learned something. Another way of see and solve things.
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    Yeah, if you're not using slackwarearchmanjaroserver you're a loser...
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    Thats exactly what I would do if I was an executive that wanted to turn people away from my competition.
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    Wait... Who said we want casual users in here?
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