Having a talk with a client, just before "closing shop" today...

- ...so, how are you going to spend this holiday? I'm going to the countryside for a bit, relax, have some bbq...
- I still didn't get paid, so I might just sleep, or cook, or code something for myself.
- Oh...

Life is hard, dude.


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    You can get in serious trouble for telling customers about not getting paid in time and such.
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    Passive agressive much =)
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    @WhAtEvErYoUmEaN Why? Where?

    I think it's legal here to tell anyone and everyone that someone hasn't paid, especially if it's a business. (Granted its true, ofc. Otherwise its slander/libel, and that's awful and you're awful.)
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    Serious trouble does not necessarily mean legal trouble.
    Companies don't like negative publicity, even if based on the truth.
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    @WhAtEvErYoUmEaN then that's their problem and they should pay their employees on time to avoid that
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    @WhAtEvErYoUmEaN well, I've been reminding this customer he hasn't paid for a service for a whole week.

    And I'm tired of being "oh, ok, I will wait until you pay" and let shit drag. Some things got dragged enough for me to care about trouble.

    I don't even care to send an e-mail with only "Due date for payment is today" anymore.
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    @ravijojila I'm kinda pissed off with clients dragging my payments for so long, while I have to just sit here, at home, when they go and have fun on their holidays
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    @Root yes, it's my client, and he's the one delaying payment for quite some time, while still asking me to "adjust things here and there"

    I'm too pissed off to care if I'm being mean or not. I just need my payment, I've got bills, while he doesn't have to worry about that :(
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    @WhAtEvErYoUmEaN @Krokoklemme I won't get into legal trouble for that, I'm pretty sure, I mean, I'm the company here.

    People might not like it, but it's also not cool to drag this debt like it's just a trivial thing. The guy often asks for things "quickly" while I have to wait who knows how long to get paid? Nope.

    We have a contract here, the due date was some time ago and I'm not in the mood to solve this for "next week", unless the idiot wants his service down for the whole weekend. Which I might just do.

    I'm mostly letting the stress take over now because I'm too tired to deal with clients and wait longer. I'm nearly in the reds because of this type of clients, no time to be polite anymore.
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