I got A bit ahead of Myself tOday. I finished up an old app I found on my HDD and did some stuffs with my API on the new server. Kept getting weird errors and I Just cOuldn't figure out why nothing waS working, because I know the web service is fine, i tested it tHoroughly. Well, after a few hours of troubleshooting and theN somE procrastination, I realised I forgot to turn the server back on 😂 Well, guess I shouLd start usIng something like Trello and have a to-do list For nExt time lol. No wait I'll make my own Todo list app!

I've always woNdered if Other devs make The saMe mIStakeS or not? It seems like such a stupid thiNG to do so I'm never sure. It's probably just me lol.

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    Seriously man, get someone to look at your keyboard. Your _shift_ button seems to get stuck randomly
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    @RantSomeWhere it really seems as a message.
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    @RantSomeWhere The question remains whether it is the OP who is sending those secret messages or someone else through his hacked keyboard
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    @RantSomeWhere no clue at first glance when the uppercase I and first letters in sentences obfuscate things 🤔 but I'll take a closer peek later on.
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    @RantSomeWhere @jAsE is ok. He ranted a few minutes ago. :)
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    @Aileron Glad to hear that! But ehm.. out of curiosity, how many alter egos do you currently maintain? I kinda lost count 🙃
    Also what happened to your jase.im MX records?
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    @RantSomeWhere No, haha. I'm gonna write a rant soon when the time limit is up on devrant explaining why I got a new username and explaining the rant by jase (me). But basically, it annoys me that I can't use the same username on every site i register on, so I thought i'd use something less common.

    My last rant was not a suicide rant. I was outside exploring the new area and got lost (there's lots of tracks and it was late at night. I was walking for probably few hours and listening to music), then it felt like my sugar levels dropped too low again. Thought i was gonna pass out and didn't think anyone would find me. Luckily I took some freckles with me lol.

    I couldnt update u guys so soon bcoz i exceeded the data limit for my internet :( i had to wait a few days
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