I have been using OSX Mojave, ever since the app store released it. I must say, I like the dark theme. I wish that my Windows desktop would have a working dark theme... but it's nice that now two of my three operating systems have a dark theme.

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    It's frustrating that the whole of computing has taken the last 30 or so years for people to collectively realize that darker themes have clear advantages and that they should at the very least be an option. So, yay for progress!
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    @duckWit Because they are beneficial in dark rooms only.
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    @Cyanide well, that also depends on what kind of dark theme you are using. But... still, for people who use computers a lot, dark themes tire the eyes less.
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    It’s the only reason I updated my iOS 😂
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    Dark theme coming in the next update from what I hear. Office also finally got a full dark theme with 2019 release
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    Feom the last I heard, Windows does have a dark theme, still think Linux customization is gigameters above that
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    Are we talking about this kind of dark theme in Windows 10?
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    @Qaldim I tried enabling any kind of dark theme on Windows 10... it did enabled itself only in settings.
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    @ribchinski Dark theme in shell is enabled in October's Update. For UWP apps has been since the release of Windows 8.
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    @ribchinski there was an unrelated bug in the windows 10 update with the dark theme so they stopped pushing it. I'm eagerly awaiting it's release.
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    Were the VM issues in Mojave fixed yet?
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    I love how flawlessly it works, the magic of cocoa and proper full-system desktop composition integration.

    It’s gonna be a while / a giant hack for windows.

    I set the dark theme once I got the beta and I haven’t looked back.
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