Should I get windows or are there always forced updates and stuff?

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    What do you need it for? State the use case

    PS: wrong category 😒
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    Depends on what you'll do with it.
    But regardless: anything non-windows is probably a better choice.
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    You should definately get windows, its good to live in a breathable environment.

    You also get to control the amount of light through blinds while making your walls see-through.
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    At most get Win 7.
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    Never had a forced update with windows myself. Some updates I really want to get but even though the update is out already I cannot get it.
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    @858master Are you against updates?
    Updates of an OS are by far in most cases to fix problems and improve security.
    They are needed in order to secure your machine AND others' you are connected to (e.g. botnets, spreading of worms, ...)
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    I'm with @Root, depends what you need it for but probably no
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    For everyday casual use I'd recommend Windows 10 LTSB.
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    @Numinex what is ltsb?
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    @irene if I had to guess: Long Term Support Branch
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