Subscription for hard-copy professional magazines indicates a new low in my social life.

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    I'd not call it a new low. Such hard copies are great for having a long, calm sit on the toilet and simultaneously learn new stuff.

    I joined IEEE a few months ago and the hard copy of IEEE Spectrum helped me pass a lot of time ln trains or the crap throne. 😉
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    @PonySlaystation I'm also a fan of intellectual toilet quality time :)
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    @NickyBones get a tablet dedicated for toilet use?
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    @electrineer Nah. My toilets are tech-free.
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    goddam commie
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    I get a magazine called "QST" for being a member of the ARRL (American Radio Relay League). It's $50 a year for the membership... but you can't separate a QST subscription and ARRL membership... (Well, technically, you can, but only if you are blind and have legal proof of it. I'm not.)
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    @jschmold Not at all. By far the most reliable performance laptop I ever had (I had MSI and a gaming Lenovo just die on me after a year each). Haters gonna hate, I guess.
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    Emotion recognition using wireless signals? I don't understand
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    @gitpush light is wireless signals
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    @gitpush They show that it is possible to reconstruct your ECG and breathing patterns from RF signals reflected from your body, through remote sensing (wireless). Those bio-physiological features are strongly correlated to your mood (angry, sad, happy, etc...).
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    @jschmold I have an Alienware laptop since 2011. My first one lasted 5 years + a pretty smooth transition to Linux. I'm on my second Alienware now, and it's a beast.
    There are relatively expensive, but I appreciate aesthetics and don't mind paying extra to get a stylish laptop.
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    > Alienware
    > aesthetics
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