This is fuck crazy and is driving me nuts already. I have VEGA 8 integrated GPU into my Ryzen 5 2500U laptop and RX560X 4GBVRAM as dedicated GPU. Like thats pretty decent hardware right there. But well when you try to game on linux. And not wine but native Deus Ex mankind divided then man the fps are in 15-20 range if you are in good scene. This is fucking terrible. IDK if i have something wrong set up or what but its unacceptable to have that performance. But today i tried No Mans Sky. OpenGL game and well i run it and big suprise its just white screen. But then i notice in logs that its asking for OpenGL 4.5 which MESA 18.2 doesnt have so i build 18.3 from git and that one implemented 4.5. Great game now runs. And performance isnt actually bad. OK i might actually get decent fps from this game after twekening. OK i see that it se my VRAM to 64mb ok lets change that to 4096. Texture to Low and turn off HDR. Game loaded much fucking more quickly now. Like really fast. Probably SSD did that. Now i really dont know. Is my system fucked up or what that i cant run games at pretty good fps ? Funny thing ? Native port from feral games of Tomb Raider 2013 runs only on 1 core and leaves other at idle. Like WTF ????? I will probably download deus Ex again and try to figure out WTF is wrong.
Also i dont want AMDGPU-PRO drivers since i would need to downgrade my kernel which i cant do due to git mesa.
Any ideas or the games on linux are really that poorly optimized on AMD and to add up linux ?

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    @XiovV How dare you even say that bullshit OS here in comments of my rant ? LOL. But really that doesnt even come as an option with me. Maybe GPU passtrough but never dualboot
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    "game on Linux", even with all the efforts made by the community and even big companies, I think this is your problem, gaming on Linux is complicated and always requires tweaking or waiting for someone to find the tweak for you, people who find it easy to game on Linux are either really good, straight up lying to themselves, or playing games old enough to have been well tested to run on Linux . And yes, even some Linux natives run like shut because driver issue or something and that's infuriating.
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    @XiovV Yup im using Proton but the performance isnt good as i would have hoped.
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    @Hallelouia Yeah i know. Its probably because my AMD hardware. I saw guys with lower hardware on NVIDIA running the games pretty good. But Raven Ridge is pretty new and radeon RX560X is kind of too so im not that suprised that it doesnt run totally perfect but i would expect more out of it.
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    Can you confirm your direct gpu is used and not the integrated one when having low fps.
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    @Falk Yup i can since when i do DRi_PRIME=1 the game uses dedicated GPU instead of integrated but the weird thing is that even when i launch glxgears with DRI_PRIME=1 i see only 60 fps and on integrated i see 60 fps too. but glxinfo says its using my radeon GPU. Its really fucking waird when you have 2 GPUs in system. Sad option is that i cant disable integrated in BIOS.
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