Getting angry at me for coding in my free time saying things like "You're spending way to much time in front of the laptop" or "take a break, your eyes are going to turn into squares". Why? So I can sit with you in front of the TV? What's the difference? The difference is that I'm actually learning something / stimulating my tiny little brain while enjoying something I'm actually good at and love doing. You go watch your stupid ass TV shows and fuckin leave me be. (Don't get me wrong, I also watch TV shows every now and then. Usually when I go to bed, I'll just open up Netflix). Any advice or am I being unfair here?

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    If the situation involves a certain someone that im thinking of, then perhaps that break wouldn't be the worst thing *hint hint nudge nudge*.
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    @gashadokuro hehe I can see that yes :) Maybe I need to revisit my schedule...
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    If this is someone with whom you are in a relationship, then she's giving you a chance to work on the relationship before giving up on you and (probably) leaving. If you care about her, it would be advisable to look beyond your opinion of the value of the two activities you mentioned.
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    To continue with what @bahua said, watching TV together may be the other person's idea of quality time...

    If you wanty opinion, a good idea might be to perhaps set certain time slots aside for watching TV together, or suggest doing something different together, take a walk, play boardgames,.... Whatever you two consider quality time...

    On the other hand, if this is your mom you're talking about, time to start looking into moving out ^^
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    Well it is usually my mother saying the same things (I am still undergraduate) and I tell very plainly that song something on my pc is more stimulating and rewarding than being in a comatose state watching a TV program. Series and movies are OK for me though, I just usually don't prefer them over programming , reading etc, and when I want to watch something I watch it on my pc.
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    I established rules. I enjoy coding so i told my partner this:

    - i code monday´╝î tuesday and thursday evenings. All other evenings are yours (including weekends).

    -saturday afternoon between 1 and 5. The rest of the weekend is family time.

    Because she knows when we are going to spend time together there is something positive to look forward to and there is no “disappointing” surprises. And she does have me for 95% of the weekend (which ia not true but i round it up ro her like that). And she has more weeks with me than me being on the computer ( even id ita only 60 40).
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    Ho its your mum. Haha. Pick one night a week where its tv night wit h her and make her happy and pick one night in the weekend. That should be enough.

    Lol i wouldn't spend 4 nights of the week wirh my mom.
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    @irene my girlfriends mom and grandmother lives with us :)
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    @bahua @joykill As I mentioned in another comment, my girlfriends mother and grandmother both lives with us, so from time to time it can be a bit frustrating. My girlfriend an I had an agreement that fits us both and it works. It's usually those that are not aware of your agreements that only sees things from an outsiders perspective. And that's the part I'm struggling with.
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    @Santaclauze haha it's my girlfriends mom who's complaining... my girlfriend and I came to a similar agreement. I work until 3pm and she works until 5h30pm. So my time is set out from 3h30 to 6h30. After dinner we usually game together which is great!! However, from an outsiders (her mom and granny) view, not so much.
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    I'm with you 100%. Had the same discussion with my wife for months.

    We kinda settled for me doing my stuff in front of the TV.
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