It was a long day... But I am going to sleep with a smile on my face :)

I was late with changes I needed to deploy yesterday, but because of the bug in vuejs app, it took me almost whole day just to fix it. But it’s ok I managed to finish it.

Also I got finally all parts delivered for my little electronics side project. So once I got home, I started working on it. Idea was to connect rgb led strip to raspberry pi.

I wired everything, turned on the power and only five led work, so for like 3 hours I was trying to figure out what was the issue. I rewired everything over and over, until I noticed arrows on the led strip. Turns out, I soldered wires on the wrong side (output), what a dumb mistake... So I moved wires to the other side, ran python sample program and voilà.

That was my first electronics project ever, I never soldered or done something similar and I must say I am really satisfied and not just of the result, but also how it actually helped me to clean my mind from all that work bullshit. I am definitely going to do more projects in the future.

But for now I am going to setup AI and make this led strip voice controllable.

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    I would love to have an LED strip under my macbook, and another around my bed.

    It would be so pretty!
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    @Root I'm tryna put a strip (3 actually) around all 3 walls in my living room. That way I can light the whole room up at night.

    It'll only be $50 or so, but ya know I'm a cheap ass lmao
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    If you want voice control I would recommend "openhab2" which can be hosted on a rpi and support Alexa, google and apple homekit as well as nearly everything else with a public api.
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    Lifx have very nice light strips
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