Its my current one. at uni we have to do one big project that takes around one semester and is a collaboration with an actual company. so we have the project to create an augmented reality app for the hololens for blind people to orientate in a room with acustic feedback, just like bats do.
So currently we are working with unity on a hololens and a htc vive we got from the company, we are working with.
Because I am nearly blind too, this is just a gazillion times more interesting and cool for me. Really looking forward to the resulting software and I really enjoy learning all the skills in AR and VR.

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    How can you actually code when you are nearly blind, if I may ask? Isn't it really hard?
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    @lucaIO actually I don’t really know because I can’t even imagine how it would be to look ne able to see correct
    As I have a small circle in the middle like 3-7 degrees it takes longer to read lines or find the correct one I am searching for
    But as coding is more of a mental as a visual task it works with the current state of my eyes but I don’t really know what the future will bring
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    @Salkir Thank you for your explanation! I really hope it doesn't get worse, I think being blind is one of the hardest disabilities to deal with, especially when you have seen before. I think it's really honorable to help blind people, but could you please explain a bit further what the HoloLens does in your project? I don't really get it, probably because my English sucks :(
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    @lucaIO Ich hab in deinem Profil gesehen, dass du aus Deutschland kommst, also hier einmal auf deutsch ;) die HoloLens ist in unserem Projekt das Endgerät auf dem unsere App am Ende laufen soll. Wir nutzen die integrierten Sensoren, um so den Raum zu erkennen und in ein Mesh zu überführen, mit dem wir dann arbeiten können und dort die Soundquellen hinzufügen.

    Klar hat nicht jeder Blinde oder Sehbehinderte eine HoloLens aber mit der ist es aktuell unserer Meinung nach am einfachsten die Daten die wir brauchen zu bekommen. Im Anschluss könnte man überlegen das Ganze auf Handys zu überführen (dann mit ARKit oder so).
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    @Salkir Achso, jetzt hab ich es verstanden. Danke!
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