Company bought me new computer. Even let me pick it out, so I went with the Asus Zenbook Pro


I am currently installing Arch, let me tell you what a pain in ass it is to install with multiple graphics cards.

I knew Nvidia was gonna be pain in ass since their Linux support is shit, but pain in ass is understatement.

Also, it has a second ultra HD screen built into the touchpad, so far I cannot find Linux Support for it.

So I guess I am going to learn Linux Kernel Driver development this weekend.

Crazy how high end laptops become insanely difficult to install Linux whereas midrange lappy's are always very easy.

Since it is company hardware, I kept windows on it, so I am dual booting at the moment, assuming I can get Linux Graphics functional this morning.

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    You choose an Nvidia-GPU and a weird second screen....
    You have no one but yourself to blame.
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    Why would you get the model with screen on touchpad, it’s justs for fanciness
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    Dual booting with Windows 10 is...pretty brave. I wouldn't recommend it.
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    touchpad screen smells immediately like proprietary drivers (doubt there's Asus Linux drivers for that either) also dual booting win10 could get your arch fucked up iirc
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    @deadlyRants unless you have 2 physical drives, but laptops don't usually have those...
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    @JoshBent It can also get Windows fucked up. I'm not sure if it was connected to my dual boot setup, but a Windows 10 update once deleted all partitions when I was dual booting. And after restoring the partitions the Windows installation was still broken.

    @dontPanic Laptops do often support two drives. Super fancy pansy ultrabooks not so much.
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    why would a laptop need an ultra hd display? on the touchpad? 🤔🤔😱😱
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    @deadlyRants i have this setup from 2 years, not a problem
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    @refex it happened once to few users after a windows update, but it's windows so everybody has to shit about forever... Happened a similar thing with ubuntu, but nobody talks aboit
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    @Electrux it's not a must, but as on pc side we have plenty of choice i can accept that top devices try to offer something new, looks not too bad and still more useful than apple magic bar, because of the size and ratio, because you not sacrifice something physical like keyboard buttons, and because you don't need support it on purpose, but you can use it as a secondary display, for example for a music player...btw I'm not sure it's uhd
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    @dontbeevil Happened once? Yes. And then twice. And then...

    Before Windows 10 I had zero problems. It just worked. Since Windows 10 I had to reinstall it three times on my PC alone after some update broke it. And then there's all the little bugs that were introduced over time, for example right now my Windows 10 PC can't connect to smartphones and tablets anymore.

    Yes, this can happen with every OS. But the quality has declined noticably in my experience, and the problems come regularly enough to keep the memories fresh.
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    @dontbeevil hmm... good point actually 🤔
    oh well, shame that it doesn't work on linux 🤷🏻‍♂️
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    Arch Linux install went very well. So far, with a couple modprobe tweaks, I have Gnome running without issue.

    Screen is unbelievable 4K Ultra HD really really nice.

    the Nvidia package from Arch works fine.

    The trackpad is working as a normal trackpad without the extra screen, which is fine, don't really need screen in trackpad. But it was really nice even if just a gimmick, I can see how useful it is, so don't knock it until you try it. :D

    All in all absolutely love the Computer, Arch Linux is working well.

    I kept Windows on it just because it is company computer, so they can wipe it if I ever leave.
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    It is really nice. I am still Asus fanboy and the screen in touchpad turns out to be really useful actually. But right now, I am not using it in Linux, as I have yet to get it working. In Linux it is just a normal everyday touchpad. Which is fine, I am still completely blown away by the graphics of this thing!
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    @hash-table I prefer the dell xps15 and I'm waiting for the lenovo yoga 920
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    The fancy hardwares normally lack support on Windows already, I'm not sure you'll ever get Linux support. Go for standard hardwares if you want Linux support.
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