I keep this file on my machine with a bunch of useful SQL queries for the stuff I'm working on. And often enough I'll send them out to other's who need to do the same thing.

So I felt pretty chuffed when I was working along with my team lead and he said he'd send me a handy piece of SQL he had only to find out it was one of mine that I'd passed out at some point.

Of course I was furious that people were passing around my queries without crediting me (not really) and I'm gonna have to start watermarking my stuff before sending it around from now on (pretty sure that's not possible).

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    @davenall Nah, I wouldn't go that far. It's just some sql anyone could have written. I just happened to do it first is all, so no one else needed to.
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    Ok when someone’s handing out your 40 lined sql function. That’s when you take that credit.
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