I've been working with JS for the past few days.
before that I had zero or very little knowledge in JS and I haven't done anything with it either.
today I got this mail. (haven't gotten anything like this before)

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    Yea, typical spam. What's interesting/rant worthy about it? Bots sending out emails/linkedin messages/whatever else...
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    I haven't signed up anywhere apart from digitalocean for hosting. I mostly used videos from youtube, SO, w3schools etc. to learn stuff.

    @piehole since I wasn't getting anything like this before, and suddenly (exactly when I was working with JS, dunno if it was a coincidence) getting something like this raises doubt
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    Typical recruiter spam. Delete and move on :-)
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    We have honeypot ads in the public transit currently.
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    Anything called honeypot makes me instantly suspicious.
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    Their ads on Reddit are annoying as hell.
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