I saw a job posting for a junior front end developer; starting was $45k, and the requirements were a full CS degree, 2 years professional experience with MEAN (beyond the degree), as well as Node, PHP, and experience creating custom analytic systems. Oh, and fluent in C#, and Azure. It also stated that it would "strongly prefer" an applicant who had security certifications.

On top of this, they repeated the necessity of being "Agile" at least 4 times.

I bring it up because I've been mentoring a CS student a bit, and he brought that to me asking if it was reasonable. He was freaked out, worried that he'd finish his program and be unhirable because he didn't have most of that shit.

Did I fall asleep some point in the last 5 years? When the fuck did this kind of shit become the case? That looks like a mid-level full stack developer post, and should be not hired at 45 a year. Am I losing it? Or is that the new standard and I'm behind the times now?

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    I mean, shit, can I hire people at that rate now? :D

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    Unfortunately people think they can make a billion dollar product with stupidly low overheads.
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    Those job posts are pretty common.
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    Job posts generally are a wish list for the company, and almost all the times, if you don't have all required qualifications, you can still apply, as long as you tick some of the boxes.

    All that being said, that is an excessive wish list...
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    They’ve been damn common. I gave up finding a junior C# position a couple years ago because of it.

    These people in these companies are assholes. They just call it a junior position so they can give a mid-level dev shit pay.

    So, yes, unreasonable.

    Oh, and that’s what I made as a junior dev doing VB about 8 years ago. And not in a place with a high cost of living either.
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