I really don't appreciate the new generation of developers I'm working with. They either turn into arrogant little shits or become life-sucking parasites. I'm not talking about age or anything. I have one developer who is older than me and has a higher rank. Every batch of "trainees" I get act like you're giving them a puzzle and they can just quit and say "I give up" then you'll give them all the answers. It's like they don't even think.

Aren't we here to solve problems? What happens when you start facing real problems instead of "exercise (quiz) problems" that already have solutions? Are you gonna say "I quit, give me the answers"? Who will give you that when nobody knows the answer yet and it's your job to figure it out? I wonder if they even consider the fact that they are hired to help the team, to contribute something, not make everything worse. They have become so entitled as if companies are just supposed to give them money for nothing.

The ones who learn end up becoming arrogant and acting like gods putting down all their colleagues for not knowing something they don't know yet. Do you remember me putting you down and telling you how stupid you are for not knowing that when I was teaching you? So where the fuck did you inherit this attitude?

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    Arrogance is a common trait in this field.

    Especially when it comes to tech people looking down on those who don't understand it.

    It's genuinely cancer inducing sometimes.
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    If you don't know <random JS framework> you are not hip enough for the new generation. And you use RDBMS? Wow what a fossil!
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    I don't know, should I really entertain questions (if you could call them that) like:

    "How to hack bank accounts"
    "Tech me hacking"
    "I have to become a hacker plz guid me"
    "m a begginer n would lover to learn how to hack"
    "Sorry you will make melware
    Then you will unable"

    I don't want to answer these. They do not imply research that stems from interest and research. Those are generally the questions that I tend to avoid or answer on with extreme rudeness. Why wouldn't you? These questions are fucking stupid.

    That said however, questions that do seem to stem from interest, I often like to answer. Just recently I took an interest in Quora, despite its real name policy. Seems like many of my friends are on there as well, so perhaps I can contribute there and improve my own figure with it.

    For the idiots who wouldn't be able to tell their heads from their asses however? Hell no.
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    *starts welling up*
    *turns chair to face yours*
    d-d-d-daddy, I’m sowwy, I just can’t work this one out *pouty face*
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    I'm reminded of a conversation I had with another manager at a place I worked once.

    I was watching someone a lot younger than me do something on a computer that I didn't know how to do.

    So I went over and asked them to show me how to do the same thing, which they did.

    When I got back into the office, the other manager said to me "I wouldn't let someone younger tell me what to do !"
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    @Brolls Bend over and spread your butthole for me, you little bitch. Call me Senpai and I'll teach you. *puts on gloves*
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    @Nanos I don't see a problem with asking someone younger than you. IT is pretty diverse and there's always something new that the younger ones have been exposed to. I think your manager just has a lot of pride.

    In my case, I'm giving this person an exercise to develop her coding skills. I taught her everything she needs to know and answered any clarifications. The problem is eventually, she will become desperate to finish the exercise and ask questions that will have me spoonfeed her all the answers or finish the exercise for her. It's like holding someone's hand all the time and wondering how they will ever survive the battlefield without anyone coming to rescue them all the time.
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    @Condor How mek video gemz??
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    @rutee07 idk, lunche Gememekur wiz Z-sheduwe 4 addd heking attrs I've heard 🤔
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    If it happens with one or two, it's a person problem. But if everyone falls in either of two catagories, It seems like a Leadership problem.. May be the leadership of your team needs ask for more demanding results from these "jerks". Best medicine for arrogance or "i quit" attitude is RESPONSIBILITY. Fact of life is that not all of us are driven internally by passion or for love of it. Most need to be pushed. Those who quit, quit. Get them off your team. Those who stick, will learn and will be less arrogant.
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    @rutee07 s-s-senpai 😍
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    What I like with difficult cases is gamifying shit into some dev version of Sherlock Holmes.

    Gather the facts. What did happen? What was expected to happen? Then go through the law (system specs): do we even have a crime here? If yes, check alibis. What was the test case? Did it really cover the scenario? If not, the case gets stronger. Track down the requirement markups in the code to identify suspects.

    Then I interrogate the suspected functions. What would they do in scenarios even remotely similar? Do they really adhere to the law? That can take a good deal of Chuck Norris debugging (record was two fucking weeks!) before I see one of the suspects crumble under pressure. Light theme is advised because it intimidates the code.

    Then I need to make up a convincing test case for the test department. Hopefully, they will finally convict my suspect. The villain will be sentenced to an official problem report. BAMM!
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