With each project, I got new teammates who have different ways of working and thinking. So, it's quite amazing to learn how to work together with new colleagues, to share new ideas, new skills, and even to challenge some technical subjects I thought it was obvious/easy that turn out not quite as evident as they look like.

I do not only learn some new coding skills, patterns, principles, tools, but I also learn a lot on the soft skills side. I got some teammates who have deep empathy and are easy to talk to (for various subjects, from common subjects to some serious ones, e.g. how I shared my feelings on my position on the team, told him how I felt like an imposter and he could really listen and advise me). It's really from other peers that I can learn the best.

Sure, if you stick with your team for a very long time, you know how each teammates work and you can "optimize" the way you work. However, by having new teammates, you get the "diversity of knowledge", you get to learn new ways of coding, of working as a team, of communicating, ... to improve yourself to be a better coder and a better man/woman to your peers (cheesy line... I didn't know I could write one duh).

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    that's just amazing! I'm glad you have such amazing colleagues!
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    Yeah, I'm quite lucky to have such colleagues. There are however some toxic colleagues, but I learn to compromise with them the best I can. I tell myself it's also a way to learn how to interact with a toxic colleague, like a challenge.
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