Just realized my new lappy is touchscreen too. Although I am really not a fan of touchscreen, as I never use it. It will help in troubleshooting touch events. Not that connecting my phone to chrome dev tools is that hard, either. Just trying to find some validation for it I guess.

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    You can also just use the chrome mobile tools, it automatically simulates touch if you choose a mobile device.
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    Guess I will have to find some other validation for it. I actually like the touchpad screen more than the touchscreen.

    I had a touchscreen in past, and literally never used it, just don't see it as a necessary functionality of a laptop. But it is there so not complaining it is there, but I didn't want to trade power for gimmicks, but I think this laptop really does have it all. It is really an amazing laptop for the price.

    Again Asus has totally met my expectations and beyond. I don't think for the price I could get any better. In fact I know I cannot. I bet just for the technical specs for processor, graphics, and memory, I would have to pay an extra grand in any other brand.

    Plus Asus actually benchmarks at its specs, Lenovo and others I've found that market good specs, turn out to benchmark half of that in real life. Asus consistently beats my expectations on every front.
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    @hash-table yeah asus has had both top and lowtier laptops that surprise, don't stress it so much though lol, it's the usual feeling every buyer gets when he chose a product with X, instead of without - though gotta say touchscreens are useless ever since windows 10 launched, windows 8 was the perfect touchscreen OS, I still hate myself for updating to 10 on my surface..
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    Touchscreen has magical effect of making everyone accidentally touch it and make something go wrong
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    i thought it was a good idea and worth the money to invest in a convertible. now i know i have no real use for it and where to spend the money better next time. no regrets though. just learned something. also i am fine with your troubleshooting validation.
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