no more "btw I use Arch."
from now on, it's "btw I use Gentoo."

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    @davenall as a start yeah. one day, maybe I'll start editing stuff too
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    @davenall there’s actually distinct advantages to doing this.

    1. You generate code that utilizes the available ISA on your cou, not just the stuff that works on 14 year old CPUs and up
    2. Use flags. Don’t like systemd? Don’t compile in support and therefore don’t be forced to pull in libsystemd0. You don’t depend on things you don’t use.

    There are more advantages but those are the massive ones.
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    @FrodoSwaggins you can have all that with Arch Linux as well. Frankly I rarely ever made use of it. For me personally the cost of compiling everything (taking away performance during compilation) is to high compared to a potential performance gain in between.
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    Honestly, if I had a higher end CPU on my desktop I would use Gentoo. Maybe when I upgrade to a Ryzen system (using an FX processor right now)
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    @infernalempress you're lucky, I have dualcore Intel Pentium B950
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    @zvyn use flags is the real advantage. Compiling something and leaving out the features that are fucking up your system are 98% of the reason I use gentoo. And actually the performance boost can be quite stupendous with modern compilers.
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    @davenall the reason I switched is
    1. it's fun
    2. get's to learn a lot of stuff
    3. always wanted to try it

    4. try something other than systemd
    5. Arch is a meme now (just kidding)
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