Setting up UBL (Unified bed leveling) on my 3D printer is a pain. But from what i heard its more then worth it actually. So thats interesting. Will see what i can get from it.

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    I took mine off... Scratched the table and had some collisions until I noticed that it wasn't right... It had an angle.
    An entire day trying to use it only to do it in a few minutes by hand...
    (but I have the tools and knowledge for that).
    Did yours go well?
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    @GyroGearloose Nope its just hell shit lot of work to get it working properly but i might enable it again since i fixed the main issue. But its just over my head for today. I will now relax for the rest of the day.
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    @Haxk20 :D
    Well, If your problem is the same as mine...
    My problem is that the acrylic support that comes with the printer bends when screwed because it has no support for the screws (20mm free space), so the sensor isn't aligned and give wrong measures, making the head go lower than it should...
    Scratched the table a lot until I figured out it wasn't straight, giving a bad measure.
    I will have to make a support to move it to the front... already saw it on aliexpress with that support, but not paying for a new one when I already have the sensor.
    Also, the plate that supports the extruder is bent, making the nozzle even lower.
    It really helps a lot, I only did 3 prints and spent one hour trying the forth... until I found out why, the table moved and the PLA wouldn't stick to the table...
    Why do they set the fucking table with a fucking screw and spring? No guide? Of course it's always moving.... (gonna do a guide for the spring latter for that also, so it won't move as much)
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    Yeah i found fixes for problems that i didnt know i had on thingiverse and the quality of prints is awesome. What i like about UBL is that it corrects 98% of the spacing for first layer but then it slowly decreses which makes the prints even better since bilinear leveling just uses same height all the time. Which sucks a lot and sometimes my prints get scratched due to this. But well main issue i have is with my big bed that i cant reach full 28cm and thath due to end stop beign to close. And sadly cant put it further because of belt is too tight even before end. Which doesnt allow me to move endstop. This is easy fix by using londer belt but i dont even have money for that right now. Well maybe if they accepted bitcoin then yeah i could buy it but well no they dont accept it sadly.

    Hopefully UBL will bring me some great fucking prints because as i saw the level of first layer you can get is just fucking amazing !! But yeah you need to give it like 2 hours to do it properly.
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    @ikameo i have z probe so the bed is leveled before every print automatically. But it isnt precise enough for me and UBL just gives you control over each point on the bed. Which is what i want. Also octoprint can create graphical mesh from it and i can level the bed on hardware level if really needed. Also the correction is applied only on first few layers and not on all as bilinear leveling does. Which will make the print totally perfect.
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    Also i dont have to wait for 25 point to be probed on start of each print. Just 3 points and the mest will be modified acording to that.
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    @ikameo nope i print on stock bed that came with the printer. But will upgrade to glass some day
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