Day 6 of year of code,
I started coding on my pi, and I found the most horrific Lang ever, it's called emojicode, learning it is like watching a car accident, I don't want to, but I still do it
Here it is if you want to die :

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    Day 7 of year of code the emoji's talk to me. They tell me their secrets. I have been practicing on the walls the symbols all make sense.
    Day 48 of year of code they tell me to kill my neighbors im going through with it. Day 128 of year of code tonight the emoji's tell me to take my life because its a full moon.
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    It boggles my mind that someone managed to stay sane long enough to implement such an abomination. I mean it's a language with actual features, not some simple Brainfuck alternative.
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    Well, this goes on the shelf right next to lolcode 😅

    Nice find
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    Don't know, i kinda like them ahahah
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    Good grief that is cancer
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    "This won’t work, however. 🍯’s 🐽 returns an optional. An optional is like a box that can contain something or be empty."

    It's fucking safer than most languages!

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    @succcubbus people have way too much free time...
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    @succcubbus I find it quite great to be honest. The only backdraw is that is slow to edit but otherwise is a great language
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