Where do you do your best debugging?

I was a smoker for 10 years, have been vaping for 5 (2year without any nicotine now) and it’s my happy place. At work, I can take breaks anytime I want, me and the other Dev both vape, so when we’re stuck or we need to theorise something,

I always drop him a “Vape?” Message on slack and meet him outside. We spend 15 mins discussing the code in hand and 9/10 we come up with a solution.

I also had a moment in the shower once, where I was mentally debugging a 4000 (yes 4 thousand) line script to figure out why I was getting the incorrect results.

Never try to debug whilst staring at the screen. Take a break. Visualise code, visualise the problem at a high level.

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    i expected a shitpost advice and got a legit one instead
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    That is also probably the best way to learn physics and maths.
    Just pause and ponder
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    When out for a walk.

    Hence, always take a computer with you. :-)
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    I don't think it is healthy to think about code 24/7.
    You also have to take a mental break.
    E.g. while showering do not think of the 4k lines of code. Just actively shower!
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    I've got a rubber duck that I think at. Silently talking over what my problem is with a duck, its surprising how many times that highlights my issue :D
    Failing that: smoke breaks are a great way to debug away from the screen while killing your lungs
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