Attended my first hackathon this weekend. Had a blast and even won a prize for being voted by other hackers as the best/most interesting project. Had a blast and I will definitely be going to more hackathons soon :) Just wanted to share some positivity for those of you who are thinking of going to your first hackathon

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    The hackathon was physics themed so we made a billiards simulation and then got an AI to play it.

    For those who are interested I will likely make the code available soon
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    @Noobish make a YT video on it!!! I'd love to watch it.
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    I'll try to post some gifs here sometime this week! Swamped with exams right now but I'll have it up asap :)
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    @sudocode Aaaaa yes completly forgot! I promise I'll have it up by tuesday night 😊 just finishing up finals
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    Here it is! This is the AI training on a more difficult angled shot. Basically it is trying to hit the ball into the red target. It still isn't very pretty and a lot of work needs to be done. Just let me know if y'all want to know more about it :) https://imgur.com/a/D9fn71S
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    Ahh wtf that gif ends before it actually makes the shot. Holdon let me get another gif ready
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    Here we go, apparently imgur limits the duration of the gif :/ https://webmshare.com/g75aP
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    @sudocode Thanks man! I'll be working on some improvements soon when I finish this semester. (More balls, better sprites, and hopefully use a genetic algorithm for better results, right now it's just using a simple MLP network)
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