Focus control.

Eg. Imagine you have two monitors, you are playing your game on monitor A, and monitor B has a copy of the instructions on it.

Often in games you can't move the mouse outside of the game window / monitor..

But not to worry, that B monitor is a touchscreen, so you touch to scroll it and what happen.. focus changes to that monitor, and your game window minimises..

But you don't want that to happen !

How do you stop that happening by the way ?

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    Use a borderless window utility
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    Fullscreen mode sucks.
    Borderless window ftw.
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    Trouble with borderless mode is you are playing a game, the mouse suddenly goes off the edge of the screen and wammo, you are dead !
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    Some do, some don't.

    Offhand it seems those that run full screen, do, but those in window mode, don't.

    I wonder if the entire issue is an OS thing, eg. you can't have two pointers at once. (Though I have a vague memory of some system you could plug two mice in and have two pointers, but it might not have been a PC with Windows..)

    I want to be able to play a game in one window, and scroll through instructions with a touch screen on another monitor.

    I've yet to experiment programming wise to see if its possible to do that.

    As someone here might have already come across that issue and either solved it, or found you can't, maybe they can speak up. :-)
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    Would you say its possible if the game does trap the mouse ?

    Would the game need its own mouse routines so to speak ?
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    I guess one could perhaps use voice control for the scrolling monitor..

    But then you'd be spending half your time shouting "Bloody well scroll up!"

    And the other half noticing that whizzbangs cause it to scroll down..
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    Get yourself cheap laptop. Solves all the problems.
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    > Double focus is definitely impossible.

    FX [ Waits for someone who has done the impossible to show up.. ]

    FX [ Time passes . . . ]

    Damn I'll have to add it to my todo list, now should I put it before World Peace, or after..
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    > Get yourself cheap laptop.

    It's not just for me, its for an app. :-)

    "New amazing app XYZ, comes with a free laptop!"
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    Testing a game in frameless ? mode I can use the 2nd touch screen monitor and scroll the instructions up and down without the main screen game minimising at least.

    But of course, it thinks the mouse is now on the second screen..

    I guess there could be a fudge done where if the mouse is found to be on another monitor, that as soon as you press the mouse button and release it (Or touch the touch screen and take your finger off..), it then moves back to its last known position on the main monitor.

    Sounds simple, I wonder how much the OS will fight one on that..
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