I feel violated by recent UX in webtoon app.

Download page has two distinct buttons: bright green "download all" and dull dark gray "download (selected)". Also, it has button "select all". Guess what fucking button will be pressed first?

You could think you can cancel batch download. Fuck you! There's no way to cancel other than open the overflow on each download notification and pressing cancel. FOR EACH FUCKING FILE!

And on top of this shit there's a limitation on downloads: you can download something ONLY ONCE EVER. And it will become pumpkin after 30 days.

Now I have lots of last chapters of the toons I haven't even started!

Fuck you webtoon. Have a pleasure being raped by a cactus up your ass and down your throat!

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    oh i didn't notice that yet :O
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    I wonder if I should write an extension to allow more downloads, seems technically feasible.

    Oh right, I should finish my dozen other side projects first.
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    Clear cookies?
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    @EV-EV it's an application.
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    Reminds me of Norton.

    Pay for it, download it 5 times, won't let you download it a 6th time..

    But I paid for it !

    Now you might ask, why the need to download it 5 times.

    I run Windows OS..

    "Use PC, OS crashes, fatally, needs reinstall.."

    "Reinstall Norton stuff"

    Repeat 5 times..

    Or how about 3com and their NIC combo cards, lifetime warranty it says !

    Except, it only covers the TP connection, not the other one..

    "I'm sorry, the warranty only covers the front half of your car.."

    "This car manual will self-destruct after the next 7 readings.."
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    @Nanos one time download is copyright based. The infuriating thing is having a "Download all the shit" button which is bright colored and no ability to easily cancel batch download.
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