Normal day on Arch:

Start the PC and update the system because you are a good boy and you have GUI package manager with notifications.

After 1 minute:
Notification: Update for 2 packages

After 3 minutes:
Update for 10 packages.

After 30 minutes:
Update for 154545451564135646817846462684 packages.

Nah just joking but you get the idea.
Thats what i love about Arch. You are up to date with every release of package.

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    @EvilArcher Arch bleeding edge ? Dont be funny.

    Mesa compilled from git every day and kernel too.

    Xorg too and wayland too.

    What do you call that ?
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    I just forgot to get my dusty laptop in order to update it. ... for 6 months...

    Had 1.7Gb of updates to download. And a net upgrade of 200mb? How do they even do that?

    _I use Arch btw._
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    @Haxk20 that's called bled-out edge
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    Am I the only one who finds it amusing how excited Arch users are about updates compared to how livid Windows users are about it! 😂
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    @devios1 because with windows each updates fucks up the PC even more. On Arch you get just new stuff.
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    @dejaime Damn. I like it. Bled out edge it is. Then im running bled out edge system. And yes im crazy. And yes the system is actually stable this way. When you have graphics drivers build from git then its bad and the system will crash most likely since kernel wont have the changes and etc. You need most of the stuff build from git so it can be stable.
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    @EvilArcher sounds more like the Stockholm Synonyme lol
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    Any other OS user ever: *is actually busy being productive and doesn't waste time with this useless crap*

    And if they really wanna be a pro, they let updates run in the background in a cronjob or something.
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