Today... i physically touched a mainframe...!

Dream come true for a cobol developer :D

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    I hope you washed your hands afterwards, naughty boy!
  • 4
    @Jilano im gonna peel the outer skinlayer of my finger, frame it in a vacum box and hang it in my living room! :p
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    I now assume you failed No Nut November.
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    Did you IPL all over yourself?
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    @bahua HA! i see what you did there..

    No hands were in the pockets when the racks were exposed
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    I'm so jealous and curious how you got the opportunity. And what was it like. I need these nerdy details or deets as the cool kids are saying
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    I remember I had an old mini-computer that I used to keep my towels in.

    I might still have a picture I took a while back of various sexual positions that occurred on the top of it once..

    Oh wait, I found it !
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