Not gonna lie, phpStorm is nice, it is also making me a better developer by reminding me to properly set exceptions, variables are initialized, etc.

Good investment. Using strictly Vim for the last 5 years, but I am really enjoying phpStorm with ideaVim plugin.

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    I agree same with webstorm and goland
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    I use some plugins with it.

    Php inspections (EA Extended)
    Deep assoc completion (auto completes your array keys)

    Check out, makes it even better.
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    For projects of any size in strong languages (and short scripts/text/docs), vim is awesome.

    For large projects in weak/dynamic languages, a fat IDE is almost a must.

    And as ugly & slow as full featured IDEs are, Jetbrains does make the best ones.
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    All JetBrain products are great in my opinion.. Not cheap at all but there's always a way to get the programs (legally) much cheaper or for free. Great work!
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    Been using strictly Vim for the last 5 years? Yeah took me a while to close the editor too:

    quit;exit;fweohfowepifweoihfpweihfiewhfiohewfowehfubwefwfuckingquitctrl+q;ctrl+w;close;ogjoeirhgoierhofuehrougberghuoerhg;reboot;self destruct;eeiehr;ugghhhhhh
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    JetBrains gives you community edition for free, and students get pro versions for free. I don’t even study CS 😁
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    yeah I am seeing that. Just having ability to see what functions are available from a class while typing without having to open that class and read it, then read what params go into it, makes things so nice. Didn't know what I was missing, and I am not even using the more advanced IDE functionality yet.

    Although I still use the shit out of grep in a second workspace terminal to find fuzzy shit I need, haven't found what I need to replace it in IDE yet.
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