I think the default tag should be undefined or, unfortunately, random. Too many people are just hitting the rant category to get exposure, and more still just don't think about it.

Please label your posts properly.

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    We need to stop this crisis +1
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    @CodePatronus at least you go for "random". Some guys just tag "rant" for anything.
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    You forgot the rant tag
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    I just think it shouldn't tag it as a rant when the button says rant/story
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    @Cheeseypi memes, birthday code, and setup pictures aren't rants or stories for the most part. I also think that when trogus/dfox designed the app, they figured the story would be a rant overall, because if they wanted a happy story there's no reason to call it a rant if it isn't. Happy stories don't fit in DevRANT, and if they do they shouldn't be tagged as a rant.
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