I really need help now...
I have been working for a company for 2+ years now and here is with what I was dealing with.
After joining the team, the first thing that I saw that the company was not using any kind of version control. (Well there was, file-share,
copying the solution to multiple drives and so on...)
The boss (the only programmer in the company, all others were sys admins or dba admins) told me that there was no need.
After 2 weeks of hard persuasion i managed to convince him to give it a try.
After he gave me the green light, I got a server, instaled version control (tfs) and made everything to work (made credentials for each of us and others)...
Then the firs merge apeared... God freaking Jezus that day was a pain in the ass...
Okay did that, explained why it happens and we moved with our life.
Then we started working on a enterprise solution. Before we started I knew that we need an project manager, product owner and so on...
But the company (boss) sad that we don't need that. Okay. I talked to a sys admin, and he sad he will be the product manager.
After that, I started to teach them the power of bug tracking system (on tfs) and how we need join our commits who are related to that bug only and then I got shit faced again.
The most stupid question of all time I heard was: "Why do I need to make that only small commit related to that bug, when I can commit whole code."
Okay I tried to explain but nada... And then we started using canban. Sweet mother of all condy.
People mostly move a bug to Development when they start wokring on it, when they finish it the move it to Done, but he nope...
He would take all the bugs and move them to Development and (they can be there for days) when ever he finishes it he would move it to Done.
Even that, he would make the full commit of code, related to all bugs and he would mark that is only related to one bug (even when there was 10 of them).
Do you have any advice how to handle these type of people... I'm really tired of fighting with walls...

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    Knock the walls down. You could also wait for them to fall by themselves.
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    The frustrating thing is that these people won't ever hit a wall. It will go super slow for them and they will write mostly bug free code and just never see the light. I work with the same kind of people.

    We practice agile where everything good about agile doesn't get done so we get no benefits and all of the meetings.
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    "they will write mostly bug free code" ...

    This is true and false.

    True in terms the code has not bugs.

    False in terms that that code is optimized (i'm a freak when it's about that)

    Also in term when the code is elegant, usable and maintainable

    Also in terms when we want to Unit Test the code (we don't have UT... reason and I quote "It's always better to leave it to a tester than to another code (also true and false)")
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    @revisiondot we also don't have any unit tests. The reason? 'we don't have time'.

    We also have no testers in the entire company...

    How they ha e the balls to go to production with this is beyond me.
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    The best I heard... "Our users are our tester"

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    I got an easy solution. Leave and never look back 👌
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    @revisiondot you work for a games company?
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    @craig939393 No...manufacturing type ind.
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    Do they say ok like they know exactly what you're talking about. You say I need a circle, they're like ok no problem. More smiles. 2 weeks later with great pride they produce a rectangle?

    If so, just leave.
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    I always say to my self that i am not good enough and that’s how i upgrade my knowledge and skills daily, because i know there are people who have far greather knowledge than me, but this.. this... how can stuff like this happen in a company in 2018, man... how is this even possible, and how do you even survive that crap by the end of the day...
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