My previous CTO and I had a one-on-one session at the end of his first month. He wanted to have these to ensure everything was going smoothly. We never had another one after this.

Anyway, I'm a very open and honest person, so during this session, I told him some information in confidence. I told him I was looking for another career in an industry I cared more about. This seemed to set off a red flag for him. Originally, he had said this conversation would have stayed between the two of us. To my surprise, the following week, the CEO calls me in for a meeting and offers me a raise in hopes it would make me stick around longer.

I want to clarify that I am very grateful for the increased salary, but also slightly disturbed by the lack of trust. I'm sure someone else who knows they would be leaving the company soon might feel pressured by this situation.

I accepted the raise and met with the founders of my new company that same afternoon to sign a contract. Obviously, my red flag was justified.

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    I would have declined the raise and left, explicitly stating something to the effect of, "I can't work for you if I can't trust you or the rest of mgmt, and I cannot in good conscience recommend that anyone work for you. Further, I will be warning everyone else in the company about your lack of trustworthiness."
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    I completely agree. Unfortunately, my contract locked me into a resignation period of 3 months after my official declaration. They might have learned this after a previous developer quit after only 2 months of working for them.

    In a previous rant, I mentioned that in the 7 months I've worked there, 9 people had left. It was amazing how quickly new people coming in figured out how bad it was in only a few months. I'm not just talking about developers either. Sales people, business strategist, marketers, you name it. The same day I started, another junior developer was leaving.
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