Holy fuck, connecting to a 3rd party WSS Compliant IIS Microsoft SOAP Server is a pain in the ass with a non-compliant php soap client.

Seems they only want and expect you to use C# (easily). In fact the 3rd party only has resources for C#. Trying to find out how to construct the SecurityToken class in PHP from C# docs is pain in ass. Even worse is setting the correct Soap Headers without having access to server logs. All I get right now is [SoapFault] The server has an internal error. If I knew what the internal error was, maybe I could fix my shit so it doesn't make the error.

Probably a nullPointerException. It is always a nullPointerException with C#.

Fucking fuckity fuck fuck.

Luckily there are some previous implementations for PHP WSS 'round the web, but I have yet to get one working.

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