During my last days at my nightmare company, I asked the management how the replacement hunt for a developer was going over lunch.

COO: Great! We've received lots of applications. Lots of potential there. One guy was even a rocket scientist.

Me: So why does he want to be a web developer? Did the rocket factory around the corner not work out? Or did he realize Finland's main exports are Moomins and not rockets?

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    Are you in clinical trial software industry?
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    Reminds me of when you are house hunting..

    "Oh yes, we have loads of people wanting to buy this house!"


    "No one else has showed any interest!"
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    Reminds me of when I applied for an IT job, hobbies included on my CV included 'fusion nuclear reactor design', and still I didn't get it !

    I guess that rocket scientist got it instead..
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    @KAS89 Even worse, it was the Fashion industry.

    That's right, this guy was apparently going from rocket scientist to web developer for a fashion retail company.
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    @Otakuris lol.
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