I was reading a bunch of tutorials lately, and some of them were so shitty I decided to make my own shitty tutorial, and it ended up something like this
(hope you can read it in the image. If not I'll post a link in comments)

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    please add linewrap at 72 characters. And flexbox .text-container{ align-item: center, max-width: 60 vmin}

    then it's pleasant shit to read. 😉
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    In the finished version, that I will actually use for writing tutorials a lot of things will be better looking, but for this shitty tutorial I wanted to make it look like many of the tutorials I read recently. This included no syntax highlight and not enough space for code
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    @killermenpl have a look at https://vuepress.vuejs.org/ it's quite awesome for markdown based documentation and tutorials.
    There's a oneclick solution over at https://vuepressbook.com/
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    @heyheni I don't want to use any of existing solutions. I want to make my own, from the ground up. This project isn't meant to be quick and easy, but to give me something to do while sitting in boring lectures
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    @killermenpl great plan! 👍
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