Till today I was programming everything in Notepad++. I thought that I don't need an IDE... I thought I would be freer without one.

When I saw that students could apply for a JetBrains student Pack I took the Opportunity, applied and became a student license. I just wanted to check PhpStorm out.

I downloaded PhpStorm and holy shit! I totally love this IDE. Screw NotePad. I linked it to GitHub and my local server. It is supporting me so much. I was so stupid for using Notepad++ all the time...

Long story short: I have to learn so many hotkeys now.

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    Learn vim 😁
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    If you think php storm is good... you should try vscode... you will never love anything more than it
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    VIM all the way! Only because I can't figure out how to close it!

    J/K, I love VIM, but I also love InteliJ (PHPStorm's badass older brother). Hotkeys are a pain though, completely different default set of hotkeys on Mac Vs Linux Vs Windows!
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    If I need a strong and supporting editor for something a full blown IDE is too much or not suitable, I use Kate. Beats the crap out of Notepad++!
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    The only shortcut you really need to learn is tapping Shift twice, which is for Search Everything — files, settings, commands, and whatever else you'd like :)
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    @Flygger on a Mac yes. It's different on Linux.
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    Well @neilherbertuk, I come from Windows, so maybe (some flavours of) Linux does something slightly different than the rest of the world ;)
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    @Yamakuzure lolwut? Kate? That's not even remotely as good as Notepad++.
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    @Fast-Nop You have no idea, mate!

    It can be used like an IDE, with backtrace browser, console integration, ctags integration, project management, symbol browser, tools for XML, Rust, and D, has text filters and blocks.

    Oh, and its integration of Git, Subversion and Mercurial just works and does _NOT_ force it into a crawl like Visual Studio.

    It's source highlighting knows a myriad of languages including more obscure ones like ABAP, Haskell or Vala. And for most of them it has automated input modes.

    There are a lot of useful scripts already included, like sorting lines, duplicating/moving up/down, abbreviation expanding and word completion.

    All shortcuts and toolbars can be configured and its search&replace is extremely powerful.

    Best is its session management, which is really helpful.

    Oh, and it has a VI mode. ;-)

    I only use Notepad++ when I have to beautify a JSON that has been given back as a one-liner by SQL Manager for Postgresql.
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    @Yamakuzure assuming you're on windows:
    ctrl+shift+a (open command pallete)
    New scratch buffer
    Choose your language
    Ctrl+alt+shift+L (format code)

    With plugins there are tools to do transformations on text like urldecode and stuff. I work with queries passed as URLs and use find/replace that replaces & with \n& (yes, actual new line), so that is easier to read.

    Also, ctrl+b (go to definition), ctrl+alt+left (last cursor position),
    alt+j (select next text occurance),
    Shift, shift (find everywhere)
    Alt+ins (i bet you know those two),
    Ctrl+e (this one lets forget about tab bar)

    Choose the one you like :)
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    @mt3o I know them all. ;-)

    At the end of the day it matters mostly what you like best and are more used to I guess.

    Well, what should be the strength of Notepad++, its plugin system, is its greatest nemesis. There is no quality control. Activate the wrong one and it'll wreak havoc. (Although there _are_ some really nice ones!)

    (Note: It used to be like that. Dunno about today...)

    Okay, I admit it. The feature I miss most is the preview scroll bar. In Visual Studio it is okay, but Kate had it long before and does a far greater job. NPP has nothing like that.

    See? Eye candy over everything else! ^^
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    @Yamakuzure astonishing. I hate Kate (rhymes!) already just for simple editing when I have to boot into Linux. But OK, I also hate vi, Emacs, VS and Eclipse.
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    The minimap? Like with CodeGlance plugin?
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    @Fast-Nop There are a myriad of other tools for "simple editing" like KWrite or Geany.

    @mt3o CodeGlance plugin? Can't find that in the plugin manager...
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    Phpstorm is awesome and xcode is the worst ide i ever used, before it i tought nothing can be worst than eclipse lol

    Notepad++ i use for editing big files or i need somethid to do fast and as big clipboard i like that new tabs u dont need save as files and are there after closing and reopening (these files arent important to be saved, but its good to have them for a while)
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    CTRL+Shift+A is my personal favourite. It's the easiest and fastest way to learn all the other shortcuts, you can always find handy stuff you never knew you need, but there's even a shortcut for that.

    My other favourite is CTRL+ALT+Shift+J which duplicates your carets to any other occurence of your current selection: basically a faster find & replace, but I mostly use it because it's really satisfying to edit tens and hundreds of lines at once!
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    @Suppoze my fav is ctrl+w selects the current word or pressing more times it selects longer text, except when i use it other programs it cleses it xd

    Ctrl up/down is good too for moving lines
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    @ivrat that's the reason i mapped it to alt+w and kept ctrl+w as 'close tab'. I have a shortcut to reopen the last closee tab as well :)
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    @mt3o Thank you for the plugin Link! I a defenetly olgo8ng to use this!
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    @mt3o Ah! I was comparing with Notepad++. ;-)
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    "... applied, and became a student license..."


    anyway... How is life, as a Student license?
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