We should create privacy focussed and ads free internet protocol/network. It could be paid, and money would go to website owners (something like TV channels works?).

Of course, there’s a lot of gotchas, but for starters just an idea.

What do you think?

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    Brave browser + BAT token
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    It should in collab or question
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    @2lazy2debug Not brave browser for this please
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    For the privacy stuff, take a look at scion (it's more about signing and chain of trust than annonymity, but it's an attempt to replace the current AS fuckup, we call internet...)
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    @linuxxx why?

    Brave looks exactly like(atleast on the outside) what OP is talking about.
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    So basically tor plus bitcoin donations?
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    @sauronjs What's the point of a privacy friendly browser when you can't install addons on it?

    As in, privacy protections change fast so extending those via add-ons would be a good thing but also, if you limit someone's abilities as for changing tracking protections (as far as I'm aware you can't install addons on it), what's the point of calling it a privacy friendly browser? I haven't seen canvas fingerprinting protection options while that's quite a good way to track people outside of cookies.

    Correct me if I'm wrong as for the add-ons part!
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