We had a support Trello board set up. Slack with automated messages. Jira integration. Translation service integration. And a meeting. All clarifying that it's not okay for other company members to barge in and make requests or ask questions which would interrupt our work flow.

One day, the fucking boss does this to me. My headphones were on too. And he pulled this shit, asking me questions about translations on the web app. There is a ticket for it. We have a slack for it. We have an entire platform to handle everything related to translations.

My biggest issue was that he's the boss, the CEO, of the company. You're supposed to be leading by example. Cut the micromanagement shit and back off.

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    The CEO of your company asking you questions upfront is not micromanagement, micromanagement would be he doing it every day, demanding to see your progress at every step and meddling in how you solve your work related problems.
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    @JKyll In that case, there was micromanagement.

    Just to clarify, it was a max 14 person start-up. With the most low-confidence individual at the head.
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    Then you should quit and find new job 🤷‍♂️
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    @cursee I already did. Reason why I'm using past tense where applicable and in my previous rants, about the same company, I've specified "previous company". Nevertheless, it was a learning experience about the bog that is horrible management.

    On a lighter note, I'm far happier at my new job.
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    @Otakurist glad to hear that. We are not trees. Move from any environment that you don't like.
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    That is not micromanagement. That is "I'm-the-fucking-CEO-so-listen-to-me-doesn't-matter-what are-you-doing-right-now-because-i-don't-want-to-read"
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    I do that to everyone that does to me. No matter if its my boss or the president.

    If I ever had to take my phones out for you you bet you will have to do the same to me :)
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