So we just moved into another class today and well all the PCs there have Linux. Mainly because they are fucking ancient. Classmates then came to me that their sound doesnt work at all.

Well first i let them figure it out but well then i noticed that they cant solve it.

Then i came to the PC and saw an speaker icon greyed out. They had just turned of sound in the system.
Are you fucking kidding me ?
You want to work in IT while you cant even fucking turn on sound in fucking system ?

This is really terrible.

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    This really sucks.
    In my Berufsschulklasse (idk what this is called in English, this is a class of peaple who are learning the same job as me [software development]) are people who can't even change the sound output device. IN FUCKING WINDOWS!

    How the fuck can we allow those people to do software development?!??

    They are a danger for the public. These are the ones who write programs/websites that mail you your password in plain text!

    Fuck it, how can you choose this job if you are more interested in cars or tuning? (seriously, I asked this one)
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    My case is even worse... One of my name on a community is DudeCoder, and my friends read that as dud(milk) choder(fucker).... Ohh my godddd!!! And they were not kidding at all....
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    Well... I'm a CNC programmer (with little experience), and I was so... can't even find the word, when I got to my old job and none of the programmers knew a little more than basic Windows... not a single one in a team of 10...
    Well, CNC programming is completely different, you need to know how a CNC works, not the computer, and they learned in courses, but still...
    And only 2 or 3 were good persons, the rest were all shit.
    Really didn't expect that in one of the best molding companies in the region, the likes who made molds for Lamborghini, Porsche, Ferrari, Mercedes, and others to have such fuckers...
    Well, I know why, the boss is the one who ires people, the boss who has the 4th class, is an envious deceiving mother foca. So the problem isn't the company, are the people he hires...
    That's why when I left there were 6 or 7 different legal complains against the company... And the owner found out when I left a pleading letter for my life.
    Fuck them all!!!
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    Btw sorry for stealing your post... when I start talking about that fuckers...
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    I once had a coworker who had a diploma in IT. He wasn't even able to write a for-loop in Visual Basic!

    ... Got fired due to incompetence.
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    @phpdev @Yamakuzure is german
    @Zlytherin bhai h apna
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    @gitlog bhai bhai
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    If you are a CNC programmer then
    Im a CNC senior master expert...
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    @Zlytherin dud == milk -> Milk Duds == milk milks???
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    My bad on the thread rez...
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