Tests are great. Used to work for {{probably shouldn't disclose company name}} and the only test was "Look, this one thing did what I thought it would!" when you finished coding a feature. Everything else was just a very shallow smoke test manually preformed by someone who hated their job. Now I work for Veterans United. Unit test all the things, all the time. First. Actual TDD here folks. Now, when you code a feature you can run all the unit tests, integration tests, and then smoke test it! We even have a bunch of UI tests if you feel like running them (mostly in Selenium, but some Protractor and now Nightmare). It's crazy. Having worked for the first company, I thought unit testing sounded horrible. Why would I want to do that? Now, working at VU, I'm like "Unit test all the things!" Things work, and I know it. More importantly, I can prove it. Great shit!

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