Has anyone here tried getting a leave of absence for mental health reasons? I'm not talking about the typical sick leave. I'm talking about two weeks or more. Vacation leaves are not an option because our company requires filing of these long term leaves ahead of time.

I'm thinking about going to a psychiatrist to receive proper diagnosis and tell the doctor about my current situation (how I'm easily overwhelmed by usually simple tasks and cannot perform well enough for work). I feel like a burden to my co-workers lately and I feel guilty whenever I'm unable to go to work but at the same time, I find it overwhelming these days.

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    Get professional help.
    A doctor can always prescribe you a sick leave. And mental issues are as serious as physical ones and are to be treated alike.
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    Go see a a doctor and get a medical certificate for x days of leave - or what ever the equivalent is where you are.
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    I had an officemate thats in the same shoes as yours. You should talk with your manager and get professional help. He was granted like 2months off. Without pay ofcourse
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    @TobyAsE I disagree. Mental health is much more important compared to physical. Especially to us, it guys
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    Thanks for the input, everyone. I called a mental hospital today and I'm going to a psychiatrist tomorrow. I'm still nervous because my experience with doctors hasn't always been good. I hope this one works well and I hope I get a medical certificate for at least two weeks.
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    @junners Did he talk to the manager in person? I plan to email the medical certificate to my manager and have a call instead of going to the office. I have a hard time discussing personal matters to people from work.
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    If i didn't know any better, I'd say I wrote that rant. Literally in the same boat, but unfortunately I must be a glutton for mental pain as I just allow it to keep coming at me without doing anything about it (despite I can feel and see the effects). This moment is the only real relaxation I've had in a while, but I'm already getting depressed that it will end. Just gotta keep treading through.
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    @gashadokuro I've been feeling depressed since November last year and turned to alcohol to numb the feeling. I would often put vodka + cola in my tumbler at work just to feel a little bit tipsy and "happy" enough to deal with some shit.

    I finally tried to get help last March but only using Talkspace (online therapy) and I was diagnosed with MDD although at the time I felt quite fine. I didn't drink for several months but just this October, I started feeling miserable again and this November, everything has become so unbearable that I went back to drinking.

    Please don't do what I did and wait this long. I feel like I have lost a year of life and strained all my relationships and career. I hope you get better soon.
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    @rutee07 Personally I go for ol natural as my choice, which used to be a treat for myself, but is literally now the only thing that holds me together. Unfortunately because of circumstances I can't always afford it, then I'm dragging on for a week teetering, During that time is when I can afford beer however, and although I can drink just about anyone under the table, I don't prefer to drink.

    Also, I've waited a bit longer than you have, I've just gotten so used to it. Ultimately I know my desire to seek help won't be until after a breaking point, until I just gotta ride it out. I will say though that I try the best I can to keep a positive outlook on some things, so i've got that going for me.
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    Burn out here...
    Go check a shrink really fast...
    If it's a burnout, it will only get worst and worst, and it gets harder to treat.
    Because I took 2 years to find a good shrink now I'm taking 3 pills a day that leaves me zombie-like.
    Don't be me. Go get help.
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    Screw your work. Go see a doctor. Screw anyone who says otherwise too. My life has significantly gotten better since I did exactly that. You can probably lie at work and say it's the flu or something, if you're not 100% sure they aren't stereotyping pricks
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    @GyroGearloose My mistake, 3 pills x 3 = 9 a day
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    @hashedram I'm worried about getting fired due to absenteeism or something like that. I don't really care about this job anymore but I hope to find a new one before getting out of here.
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    @GyroGearloose Was it expensive? I guess I'll know later. I think it's burnout and other things.
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    @rutee07 he emailed first then the manager called him since he was having a hard time to go to our office. He’s sweating all over and had hand seizures whenever he’s in the building. I know this sounds too ridiculous but just talk to your manager. I bet your company has a procedure for that
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    @rutee07 you got some legitimate mental issues on hand mate. You wont get fired because of that. Take it as if you were operated and needs some recovery period.
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    I didn't get a medical certificate because they can't issue it in the ER but ER was the only office available this weekend. They asked me to come back on Wednesday to talk to the consultant more extensively with the tests, etc. so I can get proper diagnosis.

    For the meantime, they prescribed me with Quetiapine Fumarate to help me sleep. I read online that it's to treat mental/mood conditions like schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, depression, etc. My problem now is I stil find it hard to come to work tomorrow but I don't have a certificate saying I can't go to work.
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    @rutee07 I first got a bad shrink, who gave me the wrong medication and almost killed myself, now I'm on one of the best shrinks in the country, 100€ per visit plus €40 a month for medication.
    I finally stopped going to the shrink every month but I went there 2 times a month till I stabilized... So... At least €2000 euros because the burn out only gets worse and worse and needs more treatment and vigilance the longer you wait.
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    @GyroGearloose Thanks for the information. I hope I get a good one and that it fits the budget. I ran out of paid sick leaves so I wouldn't have much money during my "break".
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