I currently have an LG G4, which was a flagship phone of its time.
Now I'm considering buying a new one because this phone doesn't seem to like WiFi and my wifi doesn't seem to like the phone.

I don't think I want another flagship phone again, since all I've used this one for is email, telegram, conference apps, netradio, banking, devrant, Google music, pedometer. In the beginning I liked it had FM radio, but I'm not even using that anymore. And never used it for gaming (no blizzard, I don't want Diablo on mobile)

I don't want to throw lotta money at it.
So some of my requirements are: rootable, if possible changeable battery, great camera, latest Android version, exercise tracker of some sort.

Any alternative ideas for phones to look at or website that can give a list based on selections?

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    OnePlus 3T

    Or the Xiaomi line is amazing.
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    Dont buy a chinese brand like xaomi och huawei
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    Poco will be my goto recommendation if rooting is on your mind.

    Down side, the IR face unlock may not work if you flash something custom.
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    I currently have a three(?) year old flagship running on a rooted, lineageos version. Was 300 euro when I bought it last year.

    Works pretty good and better than any new phone worth 300 bucks. Its ZTE, some people dont like it though. I have a ZTE Axon 7.
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    gearbest has the 128gb pocophone on sale until 11.11 for $310. https://m.gearbest.com/cell-phones/...
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    There are a few that are'nt.

    BLLOC for example. But the most important thing (for me atleast) is the working condition in the production - and that disqualifies apple directly.

    I doubt that Xaomi or Huawai have better
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    @irene the opposite, he disqualifies apple because of the bad working conditions.
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    LGV20. Root it or be prepared to spend a full day removing bloatware...but thats every android these days.

    Cheap, good specs, good enuf camera, runs Oreo.
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    Read what I wrote again..
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    My nexus5x blew up a while ago and I got a Xiaomi MiA2 , pure android with prompt updates, good screen, top build quality.
    All for 199eur for the 4GB/64GB version.
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