Looking for a laptop < 1,000 € for running a clean install of Linux (i.e. no double booting or running a VM). Looking at Asus, HP and Lenovo. Do you have experience with any of these brands? I want something durable with a nice keyboard and screen, and something that will be the most compatible with Linux. So far the Asus ZenBook UX331UA sounds the best. Any other suggestions?

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    You could also look at System76, all they do is Linux machines. Last I looked they're pretty affordable too. Cheers!
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    @bvader Thanks for the suggestion man. I am in Europe so System76 is somewhat out of reach. Ended up going with a Lenovo ThinkPad E480 and very happy with it, except the screen which is total shit - the colors are so faded it looks like somebody took saturation way down
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