Windows OS..

Shutdown PC..

Start PC..

Minutes of your life lost..

Hey, lets use that hibernate option !

Hibernate PC..

Start PC..

So much faster !

Lets do that again..

And again...

And again..

And, oh dear it hangs..

Damn !

Not sure why, maybe because I left a video running, or I've too many icons on my desktop ?

After months, years, still don't know why it does that !

So far best answer is, after about a dozen hibernates, do a restart !

Answers on a postcard..

Still, I suppose we have to be thankful it even works in W10, as going way way back since it was ever created, I couldn't even get it to work properly, let alone repeatedly..

Maybe Windows 11 it will work perfectly..

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    If your computer takes minutes to start/shut down, then it's a piece of shit....
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    Get an S fucking SD
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    How much faster could it be..

    3.4Ghz quad core CPU isn't slow !

    10,000rpm HD also isn't slow..
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    Windows can be heavy af indeed and restarts will take an eternity with those annoying updates. But an SSD will always improve its performance.
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    Since you have a hard disk, how long has it been since you defragged your drive? Fragmentation will definitely hurt performance.

    With an SSD, my Windows 10 restarts take about 10 seconds even while using hibernate extensively. Decent SSDs are cheap these days. A Samsung 500gb SSD only costs about $100 now.
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    @duckWit I recall that windows 10 automatically defragments your drives regularly by default
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    @electrineer just googled, so it does. That's cool.

    Conclusion: buy an SSD.
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    I do a defrag now and then, I think its set to monthly anyhow.

    I've got a couple of SSD's in the system, but not for the OS, my MB doesn't like them for that. :-(

    So those help a bit. (Things like putting the swap file on one SSD.)

    Now, if I boot into this OS, it takes like a second, even with a HD. :-)


    The problem with Windows at least, is when you first install it, and nothing else, it reboots quite quickly.

    But as you add software/etc. it gets slower and slower..

    That reminds me, anyone know (Or have I asked this already ?) what the difference is between channel numbers for an SATA SSD, eg. one I've got says two channel and one says 4 channel.

    Google doesn't seem any help, and so far asking around, no one seems to quite know.
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    > my Windows 10 restarts take about 10 seconds

    Mine take about 10 minutes before I can use the machine !

    So looking forward to the day when I can afford a better MB and boot from SSD.

    I hope its a lot faster and doesn't just take 9 minutes !
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    @Nanos Hey, I too had this problem several days before.

    I fixed with the help of reinstalling the OS, but in a different way:

    Download the current OS from the Microsoft site (they don't ask for any payments) link: https://microsoft.com/en-in/...

    Using RUFUS create a bootable USB with the help of GPT partition scheme(check whether your computer supports GPT partition) . More about GPT and MBR here: https://howtogeek.com/193669/...

    If it supports GPT:
    During the installation of the OS it will ask where to save it during that time, do this process: https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/... (do this GPT conversion, when the installation of new windows 10 asks for when in which disk the OS should be installed)

    P.S. this solved my problem.
    P.S. look up for more details.
    P.S. know which command to open CMD while installing
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    10.000 rpm is still a mechanical hdd, switch to ssd and it's another world

    P. S.
    Number of icons on the desktop? Seriously you believe that could be an issue?
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    You know that windows 11 wont exist ever ? Right ? Microsoft said they will be just updating 10.
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    As a guide, my PC takes 30 seconds via Hibernation to go from pressing on button to desktop.
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    > windows 11 wont exist ever ?

    So in hundred years time, we'll still be on Windows 10 :-)

    Maybe they will skip a number and go to Windows 12..

    Whatever happened to Windows 9 ?
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    > Number of icons on the desktop? Seriously

    > you believe that could be an issue?

    Yeah, its called problem solving !

    You don't discount anything, you observe, you test.

    Blackbox problem solving:


    I remember there was a tweak for I think XP that increased memory allowance for desktop icons, so the same issue could effect Windows 10.

    I see it sometimes redrawing all the icons on the desktop, so what's up with that..

    Remember, I have 4 screens, so not a small number of icons. :-)

    Yes, with problem solving, you try your best to spot patterns of behaviour, you ask others. (Who hopefully reply with more than, "are you serious" unless you are on Facebook..)

    Often someone else knows more about the issue and can help, unless you are the one that knows more and then you sometimes end up solving it yourself and telling everyone else about it. :-)
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    > If it supports GPT:

    MB doesn't sadly.

    Even if it did, I prefer my HD's to be readable by another different OS, in case I need to dual boot and get some data off.

    I've already reinstalled W10 here quite a few dozen times, almost an expert at it. :-)

    That's a joke, as it takes at least 1,000 installs to be anywhere near an expert and even then, there will be tons of example problems you don't get to see.

    Though I do have the knack at seeing more problems than Joe Average in this area.

    I'm quite reluctant to do yet another install, as it takes so long to tweak W10 to be just right. (As in weeks..)

    I keep adding to my own guide on, things to do once the OS is reinstalled list..

    I find W10 a very fragile OS. (Like XP was before it was 18+ months old.)
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    I've seen talk of defrag and SSD, DO NOT defrag SSDs it slowly kills them.
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    @Hallelouia i think they were 2 separate topics

    Defrag hdd

    Buy ssd
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    @dontbeevil I was being precationnary as what someone browsing through this thread might do if they have a slow SSD, older ones were still fast but windows always finds a way to become sluggish.
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    "Only 100$$" Only?! That a fucking lot. (2/3 of a monthly rent)

    Ya know if it is cheap for you it isnt nessesary cheap for everybody.
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    @Gregozor2121 true. But relatively speaking though, they are still far cheaper today than they were just a couple years ago. The price has dropped considerably.
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    > "Only 100$$" Only?! That a fucking lot.

    > (2/3 of a monthly rent)

    I lived on 100$ a year for several years !

    I got some second hand SSD's, 200Gb+ for around $40 each.

    Since my massive payrise recently, 300% !

    I'm now on just over 1$ an hour, whoopie !
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