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    I ended up really liking unity after trying out both. I'm by no means a gaming proffesional, but just for some fun side projects unity was better. It had a little store for buying those pesky models you need to make games, and just using the free stuff you could make interesting little games relatively easily.

    Unreal was also good. It did not have a store for models, but it did have a block programming system that was basically connect the blocks for programming. My colleagues at the time liked this because they did not possess any coding talent and that feature allowed them some measure of control over their creations.

    As a Coder I love unity, but I can see why artists and people who do not code would love unreal.
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    Unity all the way, for me unreal feels try hard and every game you see is just over done with post processing like saturation and bloom.

    Unity feels and looks far more professional to me but then again that is just an opinion ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
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    @irene I wouldn't blame the tool for the performance issues but the tool using it, if you know how to do any basic debugging you can do so in unity via the profiler and find out what causes the peformance hits, I'm still cleaning up the mess from the tool that worked before me
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    @f03n1x You will never, ever match Unreal's performance, features, nor graphics with Unity.

    It is considerably more difficult to use, however.
    More effort, more reward.
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    Nah, the best engines always spawn from in-house development.
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    @tokumei If the devs are incredibly talented, yes.
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    @irene I meant the person that uses the tool, it was something my game programming teacher would say

    I don't really want to get into a childish debate about which engine is better they have their advantages and disadvantages, if one doesn't fit your specifications use another simple as that.
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    Of course unreal. Unity is fucked up.
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    Every time I think of unity, all the bad 3D "games" created by noobs from the Appstores come to my mind.
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    Godot !


    I tried Unity, what a truely awful design environment !

    No way to easily delete backup projects.

    So bloated, and slow.
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    @irene I'm glad I'm not the only one 🤣
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    Took me a while to find it, tried lots of others..

    And you know what a grumpy so and so I am for finding things that work nice. :-)

    So looking forward to cross platform stuff !

    FX [ Sarcasm alert.. ]
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    @wholl0p @irene Don't you think it's a bit unfair to fault a product for being used to create shitty games, by lame devs?
    It's like saying magic sucks because Voldemort.
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    @Ahzed11 That is a rendering demo, but Unity's bottleneck is not rendering. That is a common misconception. Unity is basically a single threaded engine, having an extra thread for physics and another one for sound (iirc). And the bottleneck is this megamouth thread in the end, CPU.

    You have two options, you can either use the recommended coroutine pattern, or use System.thread/C++ plugins threading. But Unity's API is not thread safe, making this second option much harder.

    Don't get me wrong, Unity is great for its use cases. I love how asset bundles work, to name a personal favorite. But computing performance... that's a hard problem to solve.

    I mean, there's a reason why my PC runs Fallout 4 at 70fps 0.1% lows and 100fps average but Wasteland 2, War for the Overworld, Planetcoaster, others can't ever hit 60 fps.
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    @Nanos I haven't tried unity's new nested prefab system (that some claim to have fixed most stupid prefab crapshoot), but Godot's scene system is simply light-years ahead of unity's.

    Another big advantage is how easy it is to integrate stuff into it. C++ modules work great, and you can change and recompile the engine directly if you want to.

    On the downsides, it supports less platforms (exporting), no marketplace (the Asset Store has some great stuff buried under the tons of crappy assets, especially VFX), and Unity editor scripts are simply too good... never seen anything like it.
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    dang, 5 minutes edit...

    Anyway, came back just to say that Godot's performance is like Unity's, so no miracles here. But it is easier to use real threading with it. Its C++ module usage has a lot of similarities to what Unreal does.
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    @Ahzed11 Oh yeah, I actually meant Parkitect, sorry about that
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    After years of work with unity i tried defold for a change and i quite liked it.
    It's not complete as unity but for 2d work it's intresting
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