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    *grabs popcorn*
    *waiting for the meme*
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    one iPhone X is nothing compared to one million Samsung galaxy note 7 recalls
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    "Apple Support has already responded saying that it’s not expected behavior"

    Oh really?
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    And again Apple copies features from Android. This time from Samsung. /s
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    Well... Back in my day, bomb builders still used a primary explosive wired to the headphone jack. Apparently, there's an app for that now. Young terrorists have it so easy... 😢
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    IOS12.1 - iPhone 6s
    I didn’t get this new feature 😢
    I want to use my insurance somehow 😂
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    @EaZyCode i thought they were gaoing to day "you're updating it wrong" or "it's afeature"

    @ilPinguino but now they have no headphone jack anymore, apple calls it "courage"
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    @dontbeevil Well, USB-C it is then. You could even engineer a more resilient ignition mechanism with that - courage indeed.

    But seriosly, in the age of Raspberry Pis and ESP32, who bothers jury-rigging something out of a cellphone? I'm not a professional, but... let's be honest, before I'd fuck around with the circuit boards in there, I'd prefer the convenience and safety of just soldering something onto a pin (besides, the added control and flexibility is worth it).

    But I suppose I should shut up before I end up on a watchlist. Oh, too late? Fuck it. I'd like a black site in the mountains please. The climate in Guantanamo isn't really beneficial for my health...
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    @ilPinguino no worries, I was just joking around :)
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    nOn MS fail.. for once :v

    I quite like how this author somehow links updating an OS and the phone bursting into flames to each other. The only stress that an OS update would impose on the hardware would be maybe the processor and the internal memory. So if a CPU overheats and causes the phone to shut down prematurely (leaving you with a softbrick), fine. If the storage becomes read-only or not accessible at all, fine. But those things don't explode. The only thing in phones right now that is a diva that might burst into flames when handled improperly, is the battery.

    Focus on improper handling. There's a lot of cheap Apple chargers out there on eBay. My best guess is that this "victim" has been an idiot and jammed a 89p (apparently USB chargers are actually sold for that cheap, who knew?) charger into their 1 grand smartphone and made it into a paperweight. And obviously Apple is to blame for this, aren't they?

    That said, I'd be eager to know what Apple's findings end up being.
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